For the past several years Master’s has sponsored camps for several thousand children & teenagers.

The majority of these children are orphans with approximately 10% being special needs.

For kids, summer time is the BEST time of the year. They count down the days until their summer vacation starts and plan all the fun stuff they will do. BUT for many orphaned children and youth in Ukraine their summers are not so great. They face the same struggles… living in an institution, never having enough to eat, and lacking love and encouragement. Master’s Foundation strives to change this bleak reality. The camps that we sponsor will provide lots of fun, food and love. Each child will also hear the good news that Jesus loves them and that He has a plan for their lives. Lives are impacted and changed for eternity. View the videos to learn more about the impact of summer camps on the young lives in Ukraine.

 It only costs $150.00 to send a child to camp for 10 days.
View the video below and help us make it the best summer camp ever! 

in their own words...

the impact of summer camp on the young lives in Ukraine

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