Taras Melnyk with Pastor Kolivoshko

Master's Presents New Radio Pastor – Taras Melnyk

Masters has been broadcasting the “Good News” in Ukraine for over 30 years. From its humble beginnings with Pastor Antoniuk from Dubno with a potential listening audience of one million people to over 3 million people with Pastor Prokhor of Lutsk. 

God called each of these men home (V. Antoniuk and A. Prokhor) and brought Masters in contact with Taras Melnyk of Lviv, who will be the new radio pastor of “UNSHAKEABLE FOUNDATION”. Taras is a member of Bethesda Church with Sr. Pastor Taras Kolovoshko. Taras’s role at the church is administrator of the Lviv branch of “Vision University”. He also is a professional musician, teaches Sunday School; plays and teaches the guitar and is a member of the praise and worship team. He graduated from “Vision International Bible University” with a Bachelors’ degree in practical theology. 

A new chapter in broadcasting...

Master’s and Pastor Kolivoshko have formed a partnership to continue the broadcast “UNSHAKEABLE FOUNDATION” with Svitle Radio. The program is being broadcast over 8 stations throughout Ukraine twice a week with a potential listening audience of 10 million people, covering key cities.

Ukraine is so hurting at the moment with the ongoing war, the economy, Corona and is looking for hope and answers. We trust that through the broadcasting of God’s Word people will come to know God. 

We ask for your prayers for Taras and the broadcast as he proclaims the “Good News!” 

There have been many life changing testimonies of people whose lives were changed by hearing the message of God’s love for them which has encouraged the continuation of radio broadcasting. To this day, many people in the villages and rural areas, the radio broadcast is their church - especially to the elderly who find it difficult to get to a “House of Prayer”.  Masters is ever grateful and thankful to Pastor Brian Mahood of Selwyn Church who has been a major sponsor along with the continued financial support of others who allows this ministry to continue. 

How worthwhile is radio broadcasting in Ukraine?

Testimonies from the people of Ukraine on how they have been impacted by radio broadcasts.  Read here...

"Good Morning Ukraine" on YouTube

In February of 2020 Master’s launched a YouTube program with Pastor Fedir Lebediuk of Lutsk, Ukraine called “Good Morning Ukraine” in which Pastor Fedir brings a 3-4 minute encouraging devotional while challenging people to turn to God.

Various interesting modern day topics are presented. The success has been overwhelming! During 2020 approximately 200,000 viewed this program. One week had over 40,000 hits. 26.3 % of the viewers were in the 18-24 age bracket, 29.7 % in the 45-54 age bracket. 63.7% viewers were from Ukraine with 14.8% from Russia and others from Kazakstan and Germany.

We covet your prayers and support for Pastor Fedir in this venture. 

View the YouTube Program Here...

Click on the video below to view one of Good Morning Ukraine's programs.

Good Morning Ukraine with Pastor Fedir Lebediuk.

Comments from viewers in Ukraine

Natalia Pavlyuk

Thank you for such warm and wise morning sermons, may God continue to give you strength, health, your morning greetings, sermons give people confidence in God's power, truth, wisdom, and more and more I want to know the living Word of the Bible

Vladimir Polyukhovich Tatiana 

Pastor Fedor, Kindly thank you for your service! For such a little but at the same time such powerful morning video message that makes to think about your life...very important work you do. Every morning I am waiting for you!!! Blessed and honest thank to the Lord for you and your work! Through you, the Lord is supporting and inspiring me... Thank you. Looking forward to more...

Please help us reach Ukraine through radio and YouTube by your continued prayer and financial support.

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