Pray that the Lord’s message will spread rapidly and be honored wherever it goes. 

(2 Thess. 3:1)  

Literature production/publishing has been a mandate of Master’s since its inception. During the communist regime the people of Ukraine and Russia were deprived of Bibles, religious literature of any sorts. Bibles were forbidden, confiscated and people imprisoned. Bibles and hymnals were painstakingly hand written. Since “perestroika” the hunger for literature exploded and intensified. Masters arose to the occasion and began to publish gospel tracts, booklets for free distribution. As well, many life changing testimonial books are continually printed. Several million publications attest to the hunger that still exists. Even today, there are children in villages who have never seen a Bible. We believe literature is still a dynamic and powerful tool in proclaiming the message of God’s love and salvation. We ask for your prayer and financial support in our literature projects.

A dream comes true! For several years Masters President, Stan Watrich has had a desire to publish 1,000,000 booklets of "Peace With God" by Billy Graham in Ukrainian. A referral came to contact a Christian publishing house in Ireland and they have agreed to print and deliver 1 million booklets to Kyiv at no cost! They will be used in the distribution of aid to the “eastern zone” and evangelism. What an awesome God we serve!!

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