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My child is homeless at
7 months

My child is a homeless "bum" at 7months of age. Izumkay Region. From the beginning of March there was the constant droning of planes and distant explosions. Our child was but 3 months old and the beginning we would run to the cellar. My mother had prepared it with mattresses, quilts, water etc. We ran here and there. Our child began to sleep very poorly because of constant screaming and shouting. Everyone in my family lost much weight due to the nervousness and stress. We finally decided that we could no longer continue to constantly run to the cellar. Let it be and what is to happen will happen!
Planes continued in the skies as if on schedule – at 2:00 am, at 5:00 am and throughout the day. We began to identify the planes by the sounds as to which were regular, and which were rockets.

We began to leave – a three-fold process. I began to collect items and place them in the vehicle, then I repacked the items. There were no goods available in the pharmacies or in the stores. Nothing for my child, no dried food mixtures, no pampers, no water and no medication. We did have cell phone reception. All the doctors had left. And my child is only 3 months old.

For the first three weeks all the bridges over the river Oskil were damaged except for one. It became evident to us that in a short time any hope of leaving would be impossible. We decided we must leave. We packed everything into the car and didn’t sleep all night as we weighed the consequences – should we, or shouldn’t we? And where were we to go? We have no relatives? And yet we left- travelling over the one half ruined bridge in L. Just several weeks later this bridge was completely destroyed. On the 11th of April the town of B was completely occupied. My parents remained there, our apartment remains there, our entire life remains there.

We wait in the hope of a phone call from our family (parents). And here, in this place, we are not really living. We are existing as all we owned remains there. Our child is now 7 months old and we here parents cannot give her anything except for the time and for the volunteer offerings. We are ‘bums’ (homeless person) and at 7 months old, my child is a ‘bum’.

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Family left Kherson

Good day. Our family left occupied Kherson on April 18th as our building was located 3 km from C. Everyday our building shook and explosions were heard constantly. It took us 12 hours to get to Mykolaiv whereas normally it is a one-hour trip. We were four persons, I, my child, my grandmother and grandfather. We passed through 9 ORC checkpoints where we were questioned about the reason for our trip, where we were going to, how many miles to destination etc. They checked our baggage, documents, telephones looking for any Ukrainian symbols. They joked “perhaps you forgot to take your arms and narcotics with you?” Many of the persons at the checkpoints were drunk. On our last checkpoint we stood for 5 hours. We saw much destroyed military equipment in the fields and in the middle of roads were many abandoned cars. My child was terrified, and it wasn’t until we reached the Ukrainian checkpoints that my child was finally able to smile when the soldiers’ offered sweets.

Thank you

Good evening. We are so grateful to you and the organizers of such timely assistance. The contents of the food packet clearly expresses that you are not insensitive to the problems faced by refugees. Not everyone can currently afford such items as are included. You are doing a wonderful work. THANK you for all you are doing for us.

A Pastor Anguish

I greet all of you at Masters Foundation and want to thank you for the support and blessing you have been to our church and to my family. I am sorry for not having written in some time, but I was hospitalized with heart issues. This whole series of events left me very broken, sad and several times I was bidding this world goodbye.

Fortunately, my brethren in Christ came to my aid and personally supported me. Most of the people have returned to their homes and services continue on a regular basis. Let’s not mention my personal health problems. Thanks to your ministry, God’s work has not ended but in fact has spread even more so. Thank you for being with is in this very difficult time with us. I want to mention that for more than two months now, our town has many refugees from the east of Ukraine and also from the north (Bucha and Irpin). They have come here because homes remain in tact and for now there has been no rockets and explosions as such.

Everyday tens of persons come to us looking for food, clothing and hygiene products. They beg of us to give them anything – anything for them and their children. Unfortunately, at the current time, there is no work - neither in the town or in the villages. Even the people who had jobs forestry are now jobless and coming to us begging for anything to eat.

We have created a team within the church, who consistently prays, fellowship, give out food and also travel to neighboring villages to bring food to the needy.
In the past several days we have an increased anxiety and fear in our region as 28 rockets ‘arrived.’ Again, people are filled with fear and last night people flooded into our church to hide in our bomb shelter.

A Pastor’s Deep Concern for upcoming months

Thank you for your confidence in us and in the support you supply to the constant massive stream of refugees. Your support allows me to plan for the future. Everyday I pray for Ukraine’s victory in this war with Russia and I have this personal feeling that we have endured the worst part of it although there will be months of conflict yet. And when we do succeed in this war, there will be no place for the refugees to return to. Their cities are ruined and without water or electricity and no heat available. How will they live? They will remain in western Ukraine and we need to plan for this as autumn and winter and spring approach.

144 Ukrainian prisoners were returned in an exchange. I believe there are about 3,000 more Ukrainian prisoners. There are many thousands wounded and many more will be wounded and they will remain with us. My heart and prayers are continually on their behalf.