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August 24: National day of fasting and prayer for victory and peace in Ukraine

August 24: National day of fasting and prayer for victory and peace in Ukraine (the poster states: Pray with your families, Pray at your work place, Pray at the frontlines, Pray at the city squares….)

On August 24, 2023, Ukraine will celebrate 32 years of Independence. For almost ten years, that is, almost a third of this time, the country has been at war with the aggressor, Russia, which refuses to recognize Ukraine's sovereignty and right to exist. The importance of strategic actions of Ukrainians at this time is difficult to overestimate. And one of these actions is unity in prayer, Spirit and truth. Vitaly Orlov, coordinator of the Prayer Movement, encourages Christians to unite on the National Day of Fasting and Prayer for Victory and Peace in Ukraine, August 24:

"In this extremely difficult time for our country, we understand that we need God's intervention and help to stop this bloody war. Therefore, we must unite in prayer, which is a powerful weapon in the fight "against the world rulers of this darkness, against heavenly spirits of malice." Unity is our strength. No wonder Jesus prayed: "...as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You, so may they be one in Us."

Proposals of prayer initiators:

1. To initiate joint interfaith prayer during solemn state events.
2. To hold city prayer vigils of unity for Ukraine.
3. In every region, involve churches in national prayer and fasting, as well as motivate pastors, ministers and believers to participate in this.
4. To call on every family to join the general prayer for victory and peace.

Suggested guidelines for prayer:
- The end of the war with the victory of Ukraine and the establishment of a just peace in it.
- Preservation of lives and health of defenders and the civilian population of Ukraine.
- Healing and rehabilitation of wounded Ukrainian soldiers.
- Strengthening the spirit and protecting the souls of our defenders.
management and effective decision-making.
- The conversion of Ukrainians to God and the spread of God's light in all spheres of social life.
- Restoration of destroyed towns and villages, in particular, homes of Ukrainians, critical infrastructure facilities.
- Development of the economy, the flow of investments into the country, the emergence of new opportunities for the work of small and medium-sized businesses.
- Healing the wounded bodies and souls of Ukrainians who suffered in this war. Gaining hope for further life in the Lord.
- The release of Ukrainian prisoners from Russian captivity - both servicemen and civilians.
- Return to the Motherland of Ukrainians who were forced to go abroad. Creating favorable conditions for this. Reuniting families separated by war.

With prayer, with faith, in unity with God and with each other, we go to the victory of light over darkness. "I tell you again that when two of you agree on earth to ask for anything, whatever you ask for, it will be given to you from My Heavenly Father." (Matthew 18:19)