Master's Reissues Updated Ukrainian Children’s/Youth Bible

There are over 200,000 orphans in Ukraine. The majority of them have not heard about the love of Jesus and the salvation He offers. Neither do they have a Bible or have access to one.

Shortly after “perestroika” (early 90’s) Masters Foundation published 1,500,000 Children’s Bibles. This was the first Bible ever published for Children. (For full story of the miracle of this publication, click here)

In 2014, God began to impress upon Masters the need of printing it again. However God began to lead in an unexpected direction. Ukraine did not have a Youth Bible! A committee in Ukraine was formed and the Children’s Bible was refreshed and updated to modern Ukrainian language for the youth of Ukraine, with improved illustrations. It is also suitable for young children.

This beautiful Bible has 500 pages with 130 full color illustrations and a spectacular youth appealing cover. It covers all the major historical events of the Bible with questions after each story. Format is 23 cm x 15 cm (9 in. x 6 in.) hard cover and film laminated. This Bible is endorsed by the Ukrainian and Canadian Bible Societies. It is non-doctrinal and accepted by all denominations.

Dr. Gregory Komendant, President of the Ukrainian Bible Society in Kyev, upon seeing the first edition of it, stated, “…this is the first Youth Bible in Ukrainian, and so needed…our youth do not have a Bible of their own.”

The war in Ukraine has affected millions of lives, leaving people including children and youth with a sense of hopelessness and desperation. The Master's Foundation wants to bring hope to the most vulnerable and hurting.

It costs only $5.00 USD to print and deliver this beautiful Bible! 

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