The Masters Foundation is an interdenominational organization committed to the nation of Ukraine by providing aid in various forms to orphans, children and  other needy people. This assistance is provided without regard to people's religious beliefs, gender, or ethnic background. In every endeavour Masters seeks to exemplify Christian compassion and benevolence while conforming to the highest standards of integrity. This compassion focuses on the real-life needs of children, men, women—spiritual, physical, economic, and social. Learn more about our work by viewing the video below.


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The Master's Foundation federally incorporated in 1983, is a Canadian based, non-profit inter-denominational organization with charitable status number BN 11924-446 5RR 001. The ministry began in 1965 with Stan and Henry Watrich, third generation Ukrainians, born and raised in Western Canada.

The Watrich's were missionaries at heart and God placed within them a love and compassion for Eastern Europe. The ministry began with the printing of many Christian publications in the Ukrainian language. These publications were a first for Ukraine and even today, are still in great demand in Ukraine and Russia. One of their major personal projects was the translation, printing and distribution of over one million, 48 page gospel booklets into Poland. Many other publications in Eastern Europe stand as testimony of their labours.

As the demand for literature in Eastern Europe increased, The Master’s Foundation was incorporated. From its inception the primary purpose was to be a channel of production of Scripture in various forms, including Bibles, Children’s/Youth Bibles, Christian literature, books, educational aids, study guides and Theological Educational material.

Since then Masters has gone on to provide over 175-40 foot containers of humanitarian aid, build two seminaries, initiate radio broadcasting, support orphanages, kids summer camps as well as participate in many forms of evangelism.


Gene Clarke


Stan Watrich

President Emeritus & Co- Founder Learn More 

Henry Watrich

Vice President & Co-founder

Shirley Dawidiuk

Executive Administrator 

Joshua Kochath

Board Member

Karen Milley

Board Member

Walter Semeniuk

Ministry Liaison

Dave Werstiuk

Board Member

Mark Watrich

Information Technology

Did you know?

Through the continued support of our donors over the years:


Over 1.5 million Children's/Youth Bibles and several million books and tracts printed and distributed through out Ukraine.

Ukrainian Parliament

Distributed Bibles to all members of Ukrainian Parliament and every University in Ukraine.

Seminaries and Pastors

Two seminaries built as well as supporting Pastors and christian workers.

Radio Broadcast

Over 30 years of radio broadcast currently reaching a potential audience of over 10 million people.

Summer Camps

Helping thousands of children and teenagers (including special needs) in Ukraine attend summer camp each year.

Yearly Pastors Fall Retreat in Ukraine

Masters organizes ministers from Canada and the U.S. to lead teaching seminar sessions offering practical application to the ministries of attendees. 

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