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An update from our partners in Ukraine

  • Pastor Bohdan Mudriyevskyi, Ternopil – Pastor Bohdan who also is an owner of a children’s clothing factory; to keep his people working has started to sew masks in order to supply the endless need for them. Yesterday he advised us that he has received a special permit, so now he is able to sell his production at the pharmacies and medical institutions, keeping his staff and workers employed. How God provides!!
  • Pastor Vova of Church of Love, Ovruch – told us there is much suffering because of forest fires in the Chernobyl area. Many have lost their homes and are without food. Praise God, he had a large quantity of bags of soup mix to hand out. People came to him with tears, but left rejoicing that they could have something to eat. Sadly because of the quarantine, they are unable to visit Vilnicky seniors home.
  • Sasha & Vadim of Novomoskovsk - our dedicated couple in Eastern Ukraine can no longer feed people at the city center in compliance with the police. BUT she says, ”we cannot forget the POOR and NEEDY people”. As a result Sasha is preparing food at home & people are visiting her residence just to get food. So many depend on her for their daily meal.
  • Pastor Ivan & Vera of Krasnohorivka – In regards to the building of the church all is at a standstill because of the quarantine. They continue to visit the elderly, poor and sick providing them with bags of pasta and food.
  • Pastor Fedir Lebydiuk – Host of “Good Morning Ukraine” YouTube – says the response from the viewers is amazing and growing daily. As one person stated…"I am so grateful for this moment in time, for I recall a time we were told not to attend services or listen… there was a time when intellectuals, teachers, religious leaders & Christians were forced to attend atheistic teaching that denied the resurrection…and now we have such freedom to listen to God’s Word."w!

Prayer requests - Please pray for Masters / Ukraine

 VIEW video on state of Ukraine's hospitals which are overwhelmed.

• Our two containers of aid are still being HELD UP by the government. It is a tragedy that these were sent early fall so that they could be used during the difficult months of WINTER.

• For the government approval of the One million PEACE WITH GOD booklets to be accepted as aid for distribution.

• In response to the above, we are investigating the purchase of pasta or other food products in Ukraine as we were advised that after the CORONA situation has passed, the demands and need for Literature & Aid will be tremendous.

•  All of our support payments and cost of shipping containers are in US Dollars. The rate to convert Canadian to U.S. currency is close to 40%.

Ukraine and COVID-19

Sergey Perkhalskyi, Masters representative in Ukraine, provides a brief update on how the coronavirus is affecting life in Ukraine

Masters launches
program on YouTube

February, 2020 / The program, originating from Lutsk, Ukraine and hosted by Fedir Lebediuk is a daily brief Bible based devotional revolving around God’s love for humanity.

An email address is provided for people to write in and later a call in phone number will be added. It is our desire that Good Morning Ukraine will be a blessing and encouragement to the people throughout Ukraine as they begin their day.

Comments from viewers in Ukraine

Natalia Pavlyuk

Thank you for such warm and wise morning sermons, may God continue to give you strength, health, your morning greetings, sermons give people confidence in God's power, truth, wisdom, and more and more I want to know the living Word of the Bible.

Vladimir Polyukhovich Tatiana 

Pastor Fedor, Kindly thank you for your service! For such a little but at the same time such powerful morning video message that makes to think about your life...very important work you do. Every morning I am waiting for you!!! Blessed and honest thank to the Lord for you and your work! Through you, the Lord is supporting and inspiring me... Thank you. Looking forward to more...

Pastoring in a War Zone!


January, 2020 / Meet Ivan Pryadka, Pastor of Ark Church in the town of Krasnohorivka, just outside the war zone of Eastern Ukraine. Read his story, in his own words on what he has experienced and his efforts to help those directly affected by the war. Read Here

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